Sound Rental

Welcome to Sound Rental

Here you will be able to rent sound for your functions and events. Just give us a call should you require anything that is not on the list.

PA1 – Small Sound System

2 x 10″ PA Speakers
2 x Speaker stands
6 Chanel Mixer
Auxiliary Cable (Play music form your laptop or iPod and media device)
Sound up to 30 guests

Price: R995
Per Day | Excludes Delivery

PA2 – Medium PA System

2 x 15″ PA Speakers
2 x Speaker stands
6 Chanel mixer
Auxiliary cable (Play music from you laptop, iPod or media device)
Sound up to 100 guests

Price: R1495
Per Day | Excludes Delivery

PA3 – Large Sound System

4 x 15″ PA Speakers
4 x Speaker stands
8 Chanel mixing desk
Wireless microphone
Line microphone
Microphone stand
Aux Cable (Play music from you Laptop, iPod or media device)

Price: R2,695
Per Day | Excludes Delivery

PA4 – Full Range Sound System

2 x 15″ Speakers
2 x 18″ Subwoofers
12 Chanel Desk Mixer
Dual Deck CD Player with built in mixer
2 x Wireless microphones
2 x Microphone stands

Price: R3,295
Per Day | Excludes Delivery

Additional Sound

Feel free to contact us should you require additional sound for your next function or event: Contact us »